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    Possible Bug: Rolling Back from Flex3 to Flex2

    TJ Downes
      My Beta expired for Flex3. I was unaware that Flex 2 users could use a serial to extend their beta. Instead I disabled the Flex 3 plugin and reinstalled Flex 2. After the change eclipse essentially broke down. I had a number of errors, I wish I had recorded them, that I assumed may have been related to another plugin. After hours of working on this I decided to scrap my existing eclipse install and start from scratch.

      After reinstalling everything worked fine, until I installed Flex 2. It complained that my serial number was not valid and my trial was expired. I continued to receive errors in Eclipse. After reinstalling the Flex 3 trial, this time using my Flex 2 serial, everything is back to normal.

      If I have the time I will try to duplicate this behavior. Unfortunately I am a few hours behind schedule :)