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    Please make comments on my new system to run APPro CS5 smoothly

    nathapushpa Level 1


      Your (any) comments about following system is much appreciated. At present I am experiencing choppy video(draft quality video on monitor) and slowing the process on my Dell Dimension 8400(Pentium4/3.4GHz,2GB DDR2 RAM, 500GB HDD)when running Adobe PPro CS4. Video Camera used Sony PMW EX1 with Sony SXS memory cards.

      The system I am intend to buy is mainly to run the APPRo CS5 initially and later associated Adobe Master Collection programs( Eg. Fireworks, Dreamweaver, After Effects,Encore, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop and Soundbooth).

      Dell Precision T7500 (Workstationchassis with 1100watts power supply (85%+ Efficiency Power Factor Correcting power supply)

      Intel Xeon E5630 2.53GHz, 12M Cache, 5.88GT/S QPI, Turbo, 4C
      Intel 5520 chipset
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
      Dell back-up and Rcovery Manager for Windows 7
      24GB (6X4GB) DDR3 RDIMM Memory, 1333MHz, CC
      600 GB (15000rpm) SAS HDD Drive(for C:\)
      Two 600GB (15000rpm) SAS HDDs
      PRC6/i SAS/SATA Hardware RAID Card
      SAS Connector cable
      SATA Cable for 2nd Optical drive
      All SAS Drivs, RAID 5, 3 drive XtremeMusic
      Addiional Broadcom 5722 10/100/1000 Ethernet Networking LAN Solution
      Dell MS 111 USB Optical Mouse
      Dell QuietKey Keyboard
      3yr on-site warranty
      2 Monitors - 24" - Dell MOdel G2410H Widescreen Flatpanel monitor s
      Integrated Intel SATA 3.0GB/S controller with support for RAID
      Integrated Broadcom 5761 Gigabit ethernet controller
      Integrated High Def Audio

      Slots: All full length except as noted
      1 PCI-e X16 Gen2 wired as X4
      2 PCI-e X16 Gen 2 slots wired as X8 (one is half length)
      2 PCI-e X16 Gen 2 Graphics slots
      1 PCI-X 64bit/100MHz slot with support for 3.3v or univrsal card
      1 PCI 32bit/33MHz 5v slot

      Standard I/O ports
      11 USB 2 (2 on front panel, 6 on back panel and 3 internal)
      IEE 1394a (One front, one rear)
      1 Serial
      1 Parallel
      2 PS/2
      1 RJ 45
      1 e-SATA port on back panel
      Stereo LINE-IN and Headphone LINE-OUT on back panel
      Microphone & Headphone connector on back panel

      4 Internal 3.5" HDD Bays
      3 xternal 5.25" optical bays, one of which can accommodate a fifth HDD
      1 xtrnal 3.5" flex bay for floppy driv or Media crd Reader

      Total Weight 25Kg


      Your help on comments are much appreciated.