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    Video and Audio Editing on the same station


      I have an i7 920 with 5 hard drives. I am editing a concert where the audio was recorded separate. At present I have audio and video on different computers. I's a hassel going back and forth. Video machine is on windows 7 pro. Audio is still on an XP machine. I guess I could network them so I don't hose anything. I am using CS5 on the video, and Sonar 8.5 producer on the audio. My question:


      - Any thoughts about installing sonar on the video editing machine so I'm doing ALL of my editing on one machine. That way, if I need to tweak the audio in sonar, I can do it without moving to the other machine. All my output files are on the same machine.


      BTW, I have 24 gigs of ram I'll be installing today. So I think I'll be okay.


      More specs on my system:

      i7 920

      Win 7 Pro

      5 Hard drives:

         - 1 Non-raid OS and programs

         - 2 raid-0 for exports, cache

         - 3 1 Non-raid for original footage and project.

         - 1 Non-raid that contains a backup of my original video and audio files.

      24 gigs of ram, ddr3 1600 9-9-9-24