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    Flash Builder 4 and Eclipse WTP Plug-in


      I need someone to help put me in the right direction as to how configure Eclipse WTP Plug-in in Flash Builder 4. I have the plug-in downloaded on my desktop with 2 main folders (features and plug-ins) in it. At this point I am stuck as to where to go from here to get WTP into, and/or work with Flash Builder 4. I running the standalone version of FB4. Someone please help me.



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          The recommended way of getting FlashBuilder to work with WTP is to use update site of the plugins through Help -> Install New Software. Eclipse WTP plug-ins are deployed at a p2 update site which is required here for installing into FlashBuilder.

          Alternative solution is to copy the folder containing WTP plug-ins and features into 'dropins' folder of FlashBuilder

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            Please accept my sincere gratitude for your advice. Because for the time, after countless attempts to install this plug-in that I am noticing that even for a beginner something is beginning to make sense in the installation process. Now, I am NOT confirming completion because I am no sure of it. I am just saying I like what I see so far. That said, please advise as to what next  on what about to narrate to you. That is:


            I followed the recommended method (Help --> Install New Software). I did several plug-ins filtering along the way on installation prompts. After which the installation completed. FB4 restarted and for the first time there is emerged among the menus in the menu bar "WTP Tests". But as try to test-create a new Flex project I realized that the "combined Java and Flex projects" does not show up under the J2EE Application Server Type. Meanwhile, when I hover over the "WTP Tests" I see an "open" option. When clicked, I get a dialog captioned "Test Collector" listing many test suites to be ran/tested.



                  1.     What must i do to make the "combined Java and Flex projects" show up under the J2EE Application Server Type?

                  2.     Do I need to run the tests on these Test Suites?

            Please advise. Once again, I appreciate your advice a great deal. Thanx in advance.





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              I too have the same issue.


              In fact in my case, I couldn't even install the eclipse plugin in to flash builder 4 stand alone.


              I find either the links (All the download links available in Eclipse website) seem to be missing a repository for download, so does the mirror sites, or the Flash builder couldn't install the plug in from the local folder.


              I would like to know if there is a solution available.