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    Captivate 4 : "Paste as image" ignoring Default image object values ?




      I'm having some trouble with Captivate 4 when trying to paste screenshots in my project, maybe someone can tell me if I missed something ?

      As I'm using a french version, I tried to translate the menus, with more or less success I guess


      I want the images to be pasted directly with parameters set to "Display until end of slide", so I went into the Preferences > Default values, and set the default values for objects of Image type to "Display until end of slide."


      Then everytime I make a screeshot and try to "Paste as image" : the image is pasted with a display length of 2,5 seconds instead !


      If I try to Import an image from a file, then it is displayed until end of slide.


      Can you help me ?


      Thanks !