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    Catylst output and Articulate


      Hi all, I was so excited about Flash Catylst that I couldn't sleep for two nights, dreaming up possibilities and learning to use it.


      Now I have created a very simple little rollover page that shows different text when you rollover different buttons, kindergarten stuff that works excellent in "Play Your Project."

      The trouble comes in when I PUBLISH to SWF/Air, and then go and look at what monster I have created. Good LORD what are all these files and folders?  I thought this was supposed to have been created to help make Designers' lives simpler, not more confusing.


      I don't see ANY "real true" SWF file, and when I try and figure out how to just play this from a "real" browser page, I can't find whatever it is you are supposed to click on.


      My goals for use are (1) to create interactions to go in PDFs --which IS explained here, (2) to create little Widgets to put into Captivate, which I can't even begin to imagine how you do that... but more and more, we are using ARTICULATE (Articulate STudio 09 Professional Suite).


      Has anyone figured out a way to put a Widget made in Catylst into an Articulate slide, using the "Add Media" feature, which allows SWFS and the like.


      Any and all help would be appreciated... I am so ******** disappointed right now I could bust.


      Regards, Rainy

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          I know it can be overwhelming to see a collection of files when you publish you project. The reason is it follows standard best practice to keep the various components of the Flex framework separate from the actual SWF that you created. The best solution I can say is either look in the 'run-local' folder (this is created when you choose that option in the Publish menu). This SWF in this folder will contain a merged copy of the SWF with the Flex framework (hence its larger size).


          As for including into ARTICULATE, do they support Flash Player 10.1 content? This is required for playback of Flash Catalyst content.


          Hope this helps,