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    PC build Questions - Premiere - AE - Dynamic Link - 5D

    Felix CL Level 3

      Dear Adobe Community,


      i found this a perfect time to introduce myself to this Community already with a number of Questions:


      I am currently trying to get a PC built for my -just arrived- CS5 MC.

      Since i originally am an Avid Editor and AE enthusiast, having worked for Studios where i never had to worry about hardware issues,

      i'm not very versed with hardware.

      Now i'm planning on going out of the offices and try it on my own. (with the help of some great people) ... exciting times
      - commercials, image-videos, music clips, sport-clips etc.

      Searching through this Forum and thoroughly reading all the articles (thank You all, especially Harm!) and discussions, i still have some open questions i would like to adress:




      My Budget is around 3000 € (Yes, all the prices i know of are in €, sorry.)

      The first few upcoming projects will be shot with a canon 5D M2

      max Length: 3-12 Minutes

      max V tracks: Premiere: 5 (atm, maybe more in future projects)
      max AE Layers: lots

      possibly using dynamic links into Premiere a lot.

      outputs: BluRay, web, DVD, flash


      So what i am currently planning:


      1.) CPU: i7 950, 3,06GHz quad 294 €

      2.) MB: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 1.0) 206 €

           2.) are there any better / cheaper alternatives?

      3.) CPU Cooler: SCYTHE kabuto 120x120 45€
           3.) bad idea? any other suggestions?

      4.) 12GB RAM: Corsair Dominator 6x2GB 340 €
           4.) is this enough to start and maybe upgrade later or should i go for 24 right away hence AE may be hungrier?

      5.) GPU : PNY Quadro 4000 / evga GTX 480 superclocked / evga GTX 470      930€ - 565€ - 272€

           The 4000 is officially supported and expensive like nothing else, also read somewhere in this Forum that there is no sgnificant advantage over->

           The GTX 480 seems to get the best PPBM results (with the "hack"? with the latest CS5 Update?) and is almost half the price

                so i might save money for RAID or a Vespa

           The 470 is listed as certified, a lot cheaper, but will it slow down my workflow in comparison with the 2 listed above?

           5.) open to any input on this matter!

      6.) BD-R SATA PLEXTOR PX-BD940SA 230 €

           + any DVD-ROM

           I heard about LG not being very reliable and the Plextor seeming a good alternative.

      7.) PSU: CORSAIR TX 950W - 141 €


      8.) to RAID or not to RAID   ??? and one more ?

      i have read and tried to understand all that was said about this topic and am still helpless.

      My intention is getting a

           C: 300GB Velociraptor for Windows 7 Professional and a

           D: 1TB Barracuda for stock images/footage, sound etc. (+ maybe Project files?) (<- taken from my current machine = 0 € )


      i have a 500GB LACIE for my private stuff and a 1TB LACIE for archive and backups.


      with the CoolerMaster HAF-X i would have 6x 3,5" Slots so, if i'm not terribly mistaken, i have 4 slots for:

      4 single Discs / 2x 2discs RAID0 / 1x 4discs RAID5
      Will  it be enough to start with single discs for the different Scratch discs and go for a RAID later on

      or are there suggestions for a good and affordable RAID setup.

      Sorry to bother with this old question, but i couldn't get specific information i truly understood from reading what's around on this subject, especially for my current needs / project specs.



      I am looking forward to any feedback and suggestions and am thankful for any hints and ideas.


      thank you and sunny greetings from Austria,