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    Colors of the Icons in the Print Document Content Window

    tsonmiramar Level 1

      When you right click a single source layout and click properties and then click next it takes you to the Print Document Content Window, where you can take topics and by clicking the arrow that points to the right hand frame, move the topics into your print document.


      I have seen posts on this forum where people talk about the colors of the icons on this screen. I have seen these icons colored blue, white and grey, but nowhere in the documentation or on these forums are the colors specifically documented, telling you what they really mean.


      I have a situation where for one of my single source layouts, the colors of the topics on the left pane are blue and the colors on the right pane are white. Meanwhile, in another one of my single source layouts the colors on the left are blue, but the colors on the right are grey and that single source layout doesn't generate the topics that I want.


      Can anyone explain to me what these colors mean, and if as I am thinking, grey means not there, why are they there in one single source layoput and not in the other?


      Below are some screen shots that illustrate my issue.


      This is the bad screen.


      Bad Stuff.gif


      and this is the good one.


      Good Stuff.gif