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    tools history scrolling


      For designers it's best to watch less anywhere outside workspace. Normal designer remember tools hotkeys.


      Today i realized, that hotkeys might be not fastest and less disturbing way.


      Designers must have possibility to scroll last used tools with Ctrl+mouse_wheel(for example).


      It won't disturb at all, because combination from example is free in Photoshop.
      But it could help to work longer in calm mood, especialy when designer need to switch 2-3 tools many times and use ctrl, alt, shift as well.
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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

          To say that again - you are asking that modifier and mouse wheel could be used to toggle the 3 or 4 previously used tools. Hmm its an idea.


          At the moment you can set any hot key to toggle the 3 or 4 chosen tools by redefining your keyboard shortcuts, and unchecking "Use Shift Key for Tool Switch" in your preferences.