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    CF POP weirdness

    Enochtel Level 1
      As stated in the topic. we are are using CFPOP to get some emails that have attachments. If you go into an email client and look at the emails they have one or two attachments each. ( blh.txt , blah.eml). Doesn't really matter which but CFPOP is not even seeing these attachments when the cfpop query is dumped they attachmentfile is an empty string. We get no errors or anything, ideas?
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          Anyone resolve this? I've got the problem when trying to examine bounce emails. I had to fix the encoding for utf-7 (in another thread) and can now read the body fields, but attachments aren't working.

          Normal emails with attachments work, it's just these bounce emails that are my problem. As luck would have it, those are the emails I need this to work on.