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    Disposing of AIR Windows  - Garbage collecting closed windows....




      Im having some memory issues - shocker. 


      I have an app that has windows (not the WindowedApplicaiton, just Window) that can be opened and closed.  Once the window is closed, hardly any of its memory is freed up.


      The window is listed in the loitering objects, however i have nulled all my references to the window, have removed all my event listeners and disposed of all bitmaps and xml and run the GC a few times over a few frames when it closes, all to no avail.


      What else can i do to try and free up this memory? What in the framework might keep references to it?  I noticed that ALOT of the loitering objects are binding functions -are these the MXML generated bindings / event handling? 


      Is there any way to destroy the binding associations / underlying event handing if it is this that is clinging on to the window object?


      ANy help much appriciated.