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    window size problem..please help!!!!


      I am new to flex and have encountered a problem.


      I want to give a value to the x co-ordinate of a panel. Here is the code:-



      sizeThermostatPanelPercentage(75, 100);

      if (!_resizeSinglePanelAlreadyOccured) {

      singlePanel.x = (thermostatPanel.width * .77);

      _resizeSinglePanelAlreadyOccured = true;



      This code is making this panel fix width from the left hand side. Like if the panel width is 900. The x co-ordinate of this panel starts at 693. But, I want  to start the x co-ordinate from the right hand side. i.e for example say :-


      singlePanel.x= (windowSize.width * - 10);


      But, obviously this does not work. Please let me know what name to declare the windowSize.