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    Wrapping issues with higher rez/wide screen monitors?


      I use RoboHelp 8.  When I view my RoboHelp-created pages on IE8 on an older computer, the text wraps fine, regardless of how you resize the Web browser window.  However, recently I tried viewing the same pages on IE8 on a newer computer that has a monitor with higher resolution and a wider screen and I noticed that the end of nearly every line of text gets slightly obscured no matter how you resize the browser window.  I have two questions:


      1) Is this problem simply the result of the differences in the monitors?  Or is it the result of some other issue I'm not aware of?

      2) How do I prevent this from happening?  What do I need to do to my pages in RoboHelp?  Currently, I don't set a width for the text on my pages -- even when I use tables -- so it generally goes 100% and just wraps. 


      Here is an example of the problem:

      wrap problem.png