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    would this work???


      Hi guys

      after lurking on here a few weeks ive finally decided to post

      i most say of all the forums ive looked at this is the most knowledgeable and helpful

      im mostly interest in CS5 photo shop but ive a canon 7d so might do the odd video

      i know this Ps is not your guys forte but i would appreciate some advise


      ive been ofered this computer at a very reasonable price 550euros new. would this handle PS and some hobby premiere

      i7 870 Lynnfield
      4,00GB RAM DDR3 PC1600MHz
      Mainboard Gigabyte H55M-USB3
      500GB SATA-2 HDD 7200rpm
      24x DL DVD±RW DVD Brenner Multi Format
      600 Watt psu
      ATI HD5770 1024MB

      i will be adding a ssd for OS programs etc

      2x1tb HD

      plus more RAM

      RAM is where im stuck the mobo only has 4 slots it comes with 2  2GB sticks

      can i mix them or do i need to buy 4 matching sticks or can i use a set of 3 (3x4)