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    Should shoot in 60i or PF30?

    imsam67 Level 1

      I have a Canon Vixia HF200 camcorder. I bought it because I've seen some footage shot with it and it was very very good quality. Also CNET.com had picked it as the best budget camcorder.


      However, so far, I'm not really satisfied with the quality of my videos -- no processing, just straight out of the camcorder footage. So, I'm looking into a few factors to see how I can improve the quality.


      My question here is on frame rate. My camcorder has three settings: 60i, PF30 and PF24 - 60i seems to be the default setting. Also, I'm always shooting in the best quality HD setting.


      With that said, what setting should I use for the frame rate so that:

      1. I can use one of the available presets in PrE 8 without having to worry about conversion issues
      2. I also don't want to capture anything that will end up going to waste anyway


      With that said, what is my best option for frame rate, considering the fact that the footage will be edited in PrE 8?





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          nealeh Level 5

          30fps is the NTSC frame rate in PRE. Also PRE outputs only stereo sound. Assuming your PC is powerful enough to work with AVCHD then go for the 30fps stereo setting. If your PC struggles with AVCHD use HDV if available.


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