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    McAfee Security Scan Plus

    HTML5_video Level 1

      New computer, installed Firefox, went to get Flash Player for Firefox.

      Install the plugin, Firefox warning comes up about software trying to be installed, click "allow", install window pops up, 3;2;1, click install.

      Adobe Download Manager comes up downloads Flash Player, Adobe Flash install programs starts, need to close Firefox to continue

      Flash installed, McAfee Security Scan Plus installed.....


      Huh? What? McAfee Security Scan Plus????

      Their was no notification that McAfee Security Scan Plus was going to be installed.  Their was no check box.


      I am an IT guy.  I dont get viruses. I dont fall for scams. I dont get phished.  I dont click "yes" on anything that pops up on my screen.  I fix all my family and freinds computers.  I build my own computers, I havent bought a premade pc from a company in over 15 years.  I am a Linux system admin.

      When I install software, like Flash player, I read everything that pops up on my screen, except for the full EULA.


      I cant wait till HTML5 becomes standard.  Then the world can rid itself of this resource hog and now apprently also a virus.


      Adobe Flash did not notify me McAfee Security Scan Plus was being installed untill after it was installed.

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, For some reason Firefox uses the DLM. I recommended not using it and to Manually Install Flash Player into FF or IE.


          To Remove the McAfee; just be sure to Reboot when you are finished.


          You can uninstall through the McAfee Security Scan Plus folder:

          Under Start menu, go to all Programs
          Open McAfee Security Scan Plus folder
          Select “Uninstall”
          Additional information is available in the McAfee Security Scan Plus FAQ sheet. see that here:

          http://us.mcafee.com/en-us/local/docs/adobe_mssp_faq.pdf   You must be an Admin to Uninstall



          Hope that helps.




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            PeterL7 Level 1

            Thanks for posting this. I thought I must have missed something.

            I'm also very aware of these issues, and never agree to anything like this. The first I know about it is when DLM announces that it HAS (past tense) installed McAffe.


            I am APPALLED by Adobe's insistence on bundling software that I never agreed to (and would never agree to).

            I know I can uninstall it, but that's not the point, is it.

            If only someone at Adobe would STOP THIS DETESTABLE PRACTICE (yes, I know I'm shouting).


            I'm surprised this issue hasn't created more of a furore.

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              pwillener Level 8

              I agree that it is deplorable that companies these days seem to be unable to resist the urge to bundle unrelated softwares with their downloads.


              PeterL7 wrote:


              I am APPALLED by Adobe's insistence on bundling software that I never agreed to (and would never agree to).


              But you did agree - by not unchecking the checkbox - to download the bundled software.



              In the future just download the installers without DLM and bundled software from


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                PeterL7 Level 1

                Thanks. You're right - I hadn't seen it.

                Why do they put the tick box way over out of you're main sight line? My eye focusses straight on the bright yellow 'Download now' button

                Question: Do you know if the stand-alone installer removes the old version?

                Thanks, Peter

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  Yes, the standalone installers do remove old versions, except beta versions.


                  The installers won't remove the bundled McAfee crap however; you'll have to do that with the uninstaller posted earlier by eidnolb.

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                    PeterL7 Level 1

                    Great, thanks.


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                      vampyren Level 1

                      Just wanted to say that i got tricked to!!!! Was so supprise that McAfee Security Scan Plus got installed when i only wanted Flash.

                      I hate it when companies put extra SH*T in the package. To me McAfee initself is worse then a viruse. Much like yourself i never get any virus (been using a pc for 15+ years) and i dont like to get my pc infected with rootkits installed by McAfee thankyou.


                      Thank good i was using a test dummy image of my Acronis Trueimage to test some other stuff but now i know to never allow Flash DLM in firefox.

                      I also look forward to HTML5 so that we can ger rid of things like this.

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                        ostiscali Level 1



                        PLEASE STOP INSTALLING OR EVEN ASKING TO INSTALL McAfee SecuritiScan software.


                        If you ever want to come close to winning the battle with Apple, don't do THIS KIND OF USER UNFRIENDLY BEHAVIOR.

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                          mikaelja Level 1

                          I actually updated through Firefox using the DLM and there was no notice that it was going to install the McAfee crapware until it was installed (unless the checkbox was hidden at the bottom of the DLM install page but that's just as sneaky as not showing it at all).


                          We have corporate antivirus software installed already, I don't need Adobe's "help" installing some random software when I just want to update Flash player.

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                            aprilia1k Level 1

                            Another one - BUT, I _DID_ see the tickbox for "Install McAfee scan-yer-***-forget-about-yer-other-antivirus-efforts-software.. blah blah". 

                            AND, I UNCHECKED (it is default to checked, of course... Adobe basterds...)... I unchecked it... No thanks, y'know?   So, the fricking Adobe "Download Manager"  (ANOTHER PIECE OF JUNK I DO NOT WANT OR NEED!!! AAARRGH), and the download manager downloads The latest Flash.... THEN, it kicks off AGAIN, downloads the Flash again AND ALSO DOWNLOADS AND INSTALLS McAfee-scan-down-yer-throat junk!   I had checked NO, but it just auto-installed... and forget about a CANCEL this download/install feature... it is not there... it downloads it while you say/think "NO, THANK YOU, NO!"
                            ....  then it installed it.


                            I had to do the uninstall, but don't feel comfortable with McAfee messing with my registry and ALL AGAINST MY WILL!!!


                            So, although it didn't prompt, I read here that someone suggests a reboot to fully remove the McAfee?  I am also removing the f-ing Adobe DLM.  I don't need another background process fishing around looking to update anything and everything every day!!   I'm taking it out.


                            HELL - I AM ABOUT TO BOYCOTT FLASH ALTOGETHER....   Just sick of the crap since Macromedia was gobbled up by Adobe.  Hell, I OWN Adobe Professional, great product.  But QUIT trying to shove stuff down our throughts... Techs/Devs/etc... can clean up after your garbage --- but so many friends, family and aquaintences get totally bogged down with all the B.S. the companies like Adobe slam on our machines with little regard.   Aaaargh!

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                              ostiscali Level 1

                              Is anyone from Adobe following this forum?

                              Please react..........


                              They should do anything to keep the runtime as lean and mean as possible and to not bother end users with anything.

                              They should do anything to not bother users with another mouse click or even a minisecond extra thought.


                              This really worries about the attitude of Adobes people responsible for the runtime.......

                              What else is there included that we do not know of.......?

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                                vampyren Level 1

                                Agree with you aprilia1k. Why the hell DLM is needed is beyong me. I mean Firefox has its own addon system and it is able to lookup for updated but i guess Adobe dont like the way its done so they invent a system of their own. I think it blows also to have another thread open in the background just for this purpose. Sadly there are many sites still using flash but i hope they move to HTML5 so we dont have to install this crappy stuff with hidden installers.


                                Long ago Flash was a lightweight installer without to much jingles and bells but thoese days are gone (same thing goes for Acrobat Reader which i dont wanne get near my Macbook, its worse then a virus)

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                                  liquidcrystalvision Level 1

                                  This really is ******** adobe.  You know very well hiding the checkbox over on the right is a sneaky way of forcing unwanted software on your users.  You should be ashamed.  I agree with the above poster: Adobe doesn't stand a chance in the fight against Apple as long as it keeps up this kind of behavior.

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                                    Mike C is my name Level 1

                                    Also agree with aprilia1k.  I unchecked McAfee Security Scan Plus, but DLM still installed it.

                                    This is at minimum a total annoyance as well as a privacy issue.  The install likely contacts McAfee (at least the DLM will notify them it is installed as advertised on getPlus' site) and who knows what other information is passed to McAfee.  Not to mention, the installation of unauthorized software (even antivirus) is considered a security risk to most.


                                    Here are a couple "features" of NOS Micro's getPlus (aka Adobe DLM) features.  Note the privacy issues italicized and underlined? I assume multi-sourcing means it can download from Adobe and McAfee.


                                    • Interaction possibilities.
                                      Perform  actions and gather download relevant information from the client’s machine, e.g. determine completion and success of downloads.
                                    • Sophisticated functionalities.
                                      In  proxy authentication, automatic installation, sign-off and integrity  check by standard as well as optional features like download basket, multi-sourcing, demand detection, referral check, and market research.
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                                      peapodpooper33 Level 1

                                      After attempting for an hour to find a direct download for Acrobat Reader without adobe's DLM, I give up. It's comforting to see so many others have the same disdain for Adobe's shady practices. I finally settled on Foxit Reader - which attempts to slip its own adware-ish programs in. But for one, I expect and accept this from a smaller software vendor with less resources than giant Adobe. And furthermore, it is less deceptive in doing so and allows me to install WITHOUT any superflous download manager. Shame on you Adobe. I will boycott/avoid-unless-I-must-use your products at all cost until you have some respect for your customers.

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                                        PeterL7 Level 1

                                        Why do we need a Download Manager at all?

                                        It made sense when downloading a 50Mb Java Development kit over dialup.

                                        It makes no sense at all now days, when I'm downloading a couple of Mb on ADSL.

                                        The only apparent reason that Adobe uses the DLM for Reader is to bundle unwanted software.

                                        PLEASE DITCH THE DLM!

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                                          JohnRHorb Level 1

                                          We have blocked access to the Adobe download site at our company firewall. We now download any new version of the Reader from Adobe's FTP site, and make available on a shared drive. This appears to be the only secure way of avoiding getting Mcafee Security Scan and, for that matter, Adobe Air, as there is NO indication or tick box on the reader download site. I have found that accessing the site via Chrome DOES access the unadulterated download, but our company standard is IE.


                                          This IS going to lose Adobe a lot of goodwill.

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                                            pwillener Level 8

                                            JohnRHorb wrote:


                                            We have blocked access to the Adobe download site at our company firewall. We now download any new version of the Reader from Adobe's FTP site...


                                            This is the Flash Player forum; there are no Flash Player downloads from the Adobe FTP site.  (But you can get uncompromised FP installers from http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/fp_distribution3.html)

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                                              KingofCookies Level 1

                                              Where do I begin... the anger... the frustration...


                                              We support ~700 machines, and keeping Flash and Reader up to date is pretty much one of my full time job descriptions now.  We leverage LANDesk to deploy software automatically, and we let it update Flash automatically this time.


                                              So imagine my surprise when we discovered the majority of our internet bandwidth was going to  "Holy carp!" we proclaimed.  TRACK DOWN THOSE IPS!!! WHO OWNS THEM!  Are our machines compromised?!?  I did a reverse lookup and they're not listed as owned by anyone other than an ISP.  I searched and searched and searched and finally:


                                              ping download.mcafee.com

                                              Reply from bytes=32 time=16ms TTL=55



                                              It's *!@#&$32#$ MCAFEE BECAUSE OF THE FLASH UPDATE.  Adobe's update with McAfee managed to consume a large chunk of our internet bandwidth.  Early reports show they didn't actually install McAfee, thank god.  Suffice to say I loathe Adobe and their never ending updates and their disingenuous software plugs.


                                              I'm going to place the entire set of IPs in this post for searchability.  Sorry for the noise - but it was hard to track down the IPs so if anyone else experiences the same issue hopefully the search engines will lead them to this post.



























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                                                pwillener Level 8

                                                KingofCookies wrote:


                                                We support ~700 machines, and keeping Flash and Reader up to date is pretty much one of my full time job descriptions now.


                                                Well, do you actually download the installer with McAfee, or the clean executable installer(s)?

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                                                  PeterL7 Level 1

                                                  Great, thanks for those IPs. "hosts" here we come!

                                                  On a side note, I don't actually understand how McAfee is still going? Do people actually get 'feared' insto buying it? I did note Intel have bought it - don't know whether that's a good thing or not...


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                                                    Kramliw Level 1

                                                    I must say i was tricked into downloading this crapware onto my new  build, by adobe, and i wanted to rip someones head off, until i saw that  the download page did tell you what it was going to do , all beit pre  checked and to the sided. Guys you've got to understand that McAffee and  Adobe are partners. McAffee's virus scan is probably the biggest virus  scanner outthere - Mcaffee's false positives (for which they are  notoriously known for on Adobe keygens and cracks help adobe's bottom  line (or so they think). But i agree its quite underhanded to lure users and install crapware on their computer.

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                                                      GonneMaude Level 1

                                                      This maddens me too. I just now updated the flash player, and only noticed the McAffee

                                                      download when I closed out the download manager.  I immediately unistalled the program.  If it were not spyware, the default would be to CHECK the download box.  As far as I'm concerned, I did not consent to it, therefore it is spyware.  SHAME ON ADOBE!!

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                                                        RespectPrivacy Level 1

                                                        Same thing here - tricked into a download manager I do not want and a security thing I never asked for and certainly do not need (good stuff installed already) and most certainly do not want Adobe to provide without my very explicit consent. I wanted to update Adobe for security reasons and got a lot of **** instead. That has done it for me - uninstall anything Adobe now. Good bye Adobe - hope to never see you again!

                                                        • 25. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                          xtremend007 Level 1

                                                          Thanks for posting this. I thought I must have missed something.

                                                          I'm also very aware of these issues, and never agree to anything like this. The first I know about it is when DLM announces that it HAS (past tense) installed McAffe.

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                                                            kidziti Level 1

                                                            In post #3 above, it is pointed out with a screen shot that the user did in fact agree to the installation of

                                                            McAfee Security Scan Plus.


                                                            Actually, we did NOT agree.  Adobe "agreed" for us already and it was up to us to DISAGREE.  It's a classic tactic that borders on scam.  I went to complain but only found a form on Adobe's site for either "bug reports" or "feature requests".  So I filled out the template for the bug report:


                                                            Concise problem statement:
                                                            Steps to reproduce bug:
                                                            1. McAfee Security Scan included in Reader download
                                                            2. Scanner software to be installed by default unless user sees and unchecks
                                                            3. Checkmark not clearly front and center on screen - making it easier to miss
                                                            Results:  System installs unasked-for bloatware, courtesy of Adobe
                                                            Expected results: At the very least, when I choose to use Adobe products, I am NOT giving them permission to ASSUME I want bloatware with it.  If you must include the option of added unrequested software, it would be a COURTESY to your loyal customers to UNCHECK the box by default and let THE CUSTOMER decide.



                                                            • 27. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                              vampyren Level 1

                                                              @kidziti: very nice bug report and so true. I feel the same way. Very curious what Adobe will respond...

                                                              • 28. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                                Pierre96 Level 1



                                                                I was surprised to see my BitDfender PRO desactivated by Mcaffee security scan PLus during upodate to

                                                                adobe plugsin for firefoc without any authorisation nor popup to allow it .


                                                                strange policy from Adobe company.


                                                                I will caution using adobe now



                                                                • 29. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                                  yisman15 Level 1

                                                                  I too want to complain about this disgusting behaviour by Adobe.


                                                                  Not only bundling a completely worthless advertising product, but having it selected by default. I guess McAfee pays Adobe for every user they scam.


                                                                  I've been trying to update Adobe, because every time I use mlb.tv it says I need to update Adobe. Each time I try, I get an error. The last time, it snuck the McAfee garbage past me, because I forgot to uncheck it.

                                                                  • 30. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                                    UnhappyUser322 Level 1

                                                                    I got a message in Firefox when trying to view a PDF saying that the document had been blocked because my version of Adobe Reader was old. There was a button to update Adobe Reader, which I clicked. I then also got McAfee Security Scan Plus. I was not redirected to a web site and there were no options to disable the McAfee product. I hate McAfee products and was seriously offended that McAfee Security Scan Plus was pushed onto my machine without my concent. This was the final straw for me. I have moved ALL my machines over to Foxit Reader and will also move machines that I manage over as I get to them. Goodbye Adobe, and good riddance.

                                                                    • 31. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                                      pwillener Level 8

                                                                      This is the Flash Player forum; I can't help you with Adobe Reader issues.


                                                                      UnhappyUser322 wrote:


                                                                      I have moved ALL my machines over to Foxit Reader and will also move machines that I manage over as I get to them.

                                                                      That's a "clever" move; it is well known that Foxit comes bundled with spyware!

                                                                      • 32. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                                        jarretv Level 1

                                                                        ADOBE: screw you for sneaking this into a software UPDATE

                                                                        really what the hell is this?

                                                                        It's bad enough flash player has to update bi weekly but now I have to check for

                                                                        stupid bundled software on updates?  this is garbage and I won't stand for it.

                                                                        mcaffee disabled my OWN virus protection software without asking me

                                                                        and then when I uninstalled this garbage I couldn't turn on my OWN virus

                                                                        protection which left my computer vulnerable.

                                                                        adobe you are disgusting

                                                                        • 33. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                                          BubbaJoeBlow Level 1

                                                                          I'm another IT guy, and I did NOT get the normal Flash install screen with the McAfee junk checkbox. I've learned long ago to watch for it, especially with Adobe products.


                                                                          I run a utility on my system that watches the Startup paths in the operating system, and notifies me when something wants to install itself to start automatically. That gives me option to say "no," and keep my system running fast a smooth. Well, Adobe has even worked its way around that kind of protection. Their products now scan for available updates in the background when they are running, then use the system's Shut Down process to put their updater in the "RunOnce" key of the Registry! Then when you reboot, even though you KNOW you didn't authorize any Adobe product to auto-start, up comes their updater. But I digress....


                                                                          This time I was browsing with Firefox, and a Flash page said my player was out of date. Click the link to update it. The download started immediately, with no option to opt out of anything.


                                                                          Surprise! McAfee Security Scan Plus pops up so it can do its fake scan and try to get me to buy something. McAfee used to be the flagship anti-virus out there. It was fast, unobtrusive, and just did the job. But McAfee lost sight of it's original purpose, and now, in their attempts to become a one-package security solution, McAfee has become a bloated, sluggish system hog like Norton. And like Adobe. They all deserve to just die.


                                                                          McAfee has resorted to Adware to make sales, and uses scare tactics to get you to buy. They have obviously partnered with Adobe with a deal to make money for both of them. (Norton, also, has now resorted to scareware sales tactics, BTW.) Why are they doing this? Because Microsoft came out with Security Essentials, which is free. And it provides better protection with far less system load because it integrates with the operating system.


                                                                          I dropped Adobe Acrobat a long time ago. If there were a good alternative Flash player, I would dump Adobe player in a second. In half a second. This kind of bloatware sales partnership garbage is unacceptable. There are other multimedia formats out there. Maybe the world will wake up one day and stop using Flash altogether.


                                                                          Oh! And their forum software sucks, too. My screen name isn't supposed  to be "BubbaJoeBlow." It's supposed to be "D'Hag," which was registered  with my account. But the forum wouldn't let me use it. Great job, Adobe!


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                                                                            timrand Level 1

                                                                            The default should be NOT to install this awful waste of resources.

                                                                            I HATE idiotic Flash and cannot wait for html5 to put it out of business.

                                                                            • 35. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                                              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                                                              I've passed this info along to our management team.



                                                                              • 36. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                                                terradon Level 1

                                                                                This thread has been going on for at least 12 months. Yet this practice of pre-selecting a checkbox and then claiming that you did choose to download and install completely unrelated software continues. Courts consistently hold that failure to UNcheck a box to indicate disagreement is not the same as agreeing to the statement. Years ago, companies, including Adobe stopped pre-checking agreement with license agreement after some well publicized cases ruled against the practice. You'll notice that you have to actually check a box agreeing to the terms, even for the Flash updates. Yet, they still try to convince people that they did agree to having McAfee or some other program installed along with the update.That is the worst kind of corporate disdain for customers. Being sneaky is enough to cause me to lose trust. Trying to be oh so clever in justifying what was done, confirms any and all negative thoughts that one might have for a company.


                                                                                Using the same greedy tactics on every update, especially security updates, is corporate greed at its worst.

                                                                                • 37. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                                                  vampyren Level 1

                                                                                  So do i! Flash is the worst pieace of software i have right now and i hate that i have to inefct even my Mac with it.

                                                                                  Sadly some of the sites i visit use this garbage or i would gladly get rid of it.

                                                                                  The damn thing cant even update itself, i have to google to find an uninstaller and re-install a new version. oooh and dont forget it has more holes then a swiss chease, i mean every second day or so they have a new update! I really wish HTML5 will make this damn software redundant.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                                                    PeterL7 Level 1

                                                                                    BTW, I don't want Google Chrome either. I'm using Firefox, I like Firefox, if I wanted Chrome I'd go and get it my self. I DON"T WANT ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT FLASH (and I'd really rather not have that either).

                                                                                    • 39. Re: McAfee Security Scan Plus
                                                                                      Foffu Level 1

                                                                                      Bundling other software in the installer is a sign of a DYING company. Now I have to do more work and uninstall this stuff. Yeah, you got me. "Angry" is not strong enough. -Foffu.

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