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    LCDS startup is slow on Windows 7 PC




      We have been using LCDS Express in our product with Tomcat web server. We have been noticing that if we do not start LCDS Message broker

      servlet from Tomcat, it starts in ~7 seconds


      If we start Message Broker Servelet (and LCDS), startup of Tomcat server is taking ~1 min.


      We enabled Flex Server side Logging  and seeing that LCDS is taking time to bring up "rtmp channel" possibly. From the logs it seems like this rtemp channel initialization and listening to port 2038 takes about ~8-10 sec each. Another possible area where it is taking time is probably in initializing remote java classes which provide remove methods (about 75 our own java classes defined in remote-config.xml).


      This we are experiencing on Windows 7 PC. Rebooting is also not solving the issue on some of this PC.


      Also on some other desktops (Win XP or Win 7), sometimes it gets into this kind of slow startup issue and persistent unless we reboot the PC/laptop.


      Is this known issue ? Or Is there something we are doing wrong ? services-config.xml and other config files are pretty much like the default one. Not really modified any core settings of channel or endpoints.


      How do we make startup of LCDS faster ?  Currently this delays our application startup due to this underlying problem and it is very fustrating for users to wait such a long time before they can use it.


      thanks for your help.