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    Flex 4


      Are there any plans to support flex 4 in the creative suite sdk? I can't find any information about it. Would make life easier... .


      Right now my projects contains some libraries compiled with 3.4 and some parts with 4.1:


      1. A core library compiled in 3.4

      2. A component/plugin library in 3.4

      3. A component/plugin addon library in 4.1


      4. A nearly empty project in web using 1,2 and 3 compiled in 4.1

      5. A nearly empty project in air using 1,2 and 3 compiled in 4.1

      6. A project for indesign (with some indesign specific functions) using 1,2 compiled in sdk 3.4.


      While this works for the moment, I dont know if there will be any problems with 4 and 5 that combines libraries compiled with different sdks. I also get very large swf:s for the moment that I suspect have something to do with that?

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          Bob Stucky Adobe Employee

          Adobe doesn't comment on future stuff, such as support for Flex 4. Crystal balls are so unreliable these days; predicting the future just isn't prudent.


          What you are doing is not a supported configuration, and some troubles are likely. That said, some folks have had some success.


          Typically when mixing Flex SDK's you would use something like the Marshall Plan to do it. Not sure it would apply in this case, though.