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    animated buttons pointing to the same link


      Hi there.


      I am working on our new website and have purchased an animated flash template. I have very limited experience of Flash and use Dreamweaver as my every day web tool.


      I have modified most of the template but have a frustration with some animated buttons pointing to the same page even though I think i have programmed CS5 to point it to different pages. In the middle of each page is 3 boxes which have 3 Read me buttons... each should point to a different page.




      It has absolutely got me beaten. I have copied the buttons and their animations, renamed all elements of the button but something is clearly linking them together.


      I would be grateful for any pointers?


      Thanks in advance



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          learn n leverage Level 3


          It seems the same button is used thrice in the website. If you have made a copy of them then you need to give a different instance name to them and the changed instance name should be used in the script(In the Actions panel, you need to make a copy of the script that corresponds to the button action that redirects to a different page and change the instance name & the URL it should point to)




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            Nick_eorigin Level 1

            hi thank you for your response


            I have copied and renamed the button instances along with their various layers pointing at motions and the action URL link.


            each layer is called something different. But it seems I am missing something that is connecting all 3 together.


            For example:

            Each button is comprised of;

            button_ (containing 8 layers)


            mc_txt_ (this is where the options for link come up)


            if i copy these 3 and rename them... when it comes to the mx_txt_copy and i point that to a different URL it does not change the actual button URL


            i am sorry if this is a stupid question but its driving me mad.







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              Nick_eorigin Level 1

              hi there.


              i have managed to use the


              // Attach to frame

              button2.onRelease = function () {

                  getURL("risk.html", "_self");


              action on the first frame of each button layer
              it stops the animation but the button at least works! (havent built the pages yet mind!)
              how can i get the original animated buttons to work? i have renamed each button instance on a different layer but that just doesnt work.