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    Compatibility issues




      I have an interesting, and some what boring, issue...


      I have had After Effects 6.5 for sometime now and used it quite exstensivley on projects.


      I also purchased CS3..


      Both were on separate computers.  I got rid of one computer and put CS3 onto the computer that had AE 6.5


      CS3 has worked without any issues, but recently I needed AE and when launching it, I get an error: "your serial number is invalid"


      Understanding that CS3 may not work with 6.5 I was not too upset...


      So now you know my problem, what I would like is a solution...


      What version of AE, because I want to get a newer stand alone copy, will be compatible with CS3 Design Premium?


      Should I stick with AE for CS3 or would AE in CS4 or 5 be compatible so I don't get that error and not be able to run any apps?


      - eg