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    Problem with RESTful web service


      I am running into a problem with Flex Web Services (REST) in trying to get the proper format returned. I can see that the HTTP header is set to


      Accept: */*;


      rather than


      Accept: application/xml


      when sending the request. The web service was generated via the web services HTTP data services wizard. I edited it to set the resultFormat to xml


          // Constructor

          public function _Super_UsersService()


              // initialize service control

              _serviceControl = new mx.rpc.http.HTTPMultiService();

               var operations:Array = new Array();

               var operation:mx.rpc.http.Operation;

               var argsArray:Array;


               operation = new mx.rpc.http.Operation(null, "getUsers");

               operation.url = "http://localhost:8888/users";

               operation.contentType = "";

               operation.method = "GET";

               operation.resultFormat = "xml";

               //operation.serializationFilter = serializer0;

               operation.properties = new Object();

               operation.properties["xPath"] = "/";

               operation.resultType = valueObjects.Users;



               _serviceControl.operationList = operations; 






      How does one configure the accept header?