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    Spark ComboBox new item does not display in textInput?


      I've been playing with s:ComboBox and generally like them a lot. One detail is driving me nuts though - most likely due to my lack of knowledge in the subject - is that if I try to add a new item to my dataprovider in a changeHandler (registered to the change event) the text for the ComboBox textInput disappears - although the item addition works perfectly. Interestingly enough the same operation works fine if it gets called by clicking on a button, i.e. post the change event has been processed, and the text does not disappear. To better understand what I'm talking about check out the code from http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flex/using/WS70f0d54f063b9b081aac8d1d1247252e4a0-8000.html#WS7 0f0d54f063b9b08626480d2124725f692c-7fff

      and try to add a new item and hit enter. Taking the same code from myCB_changeHandler and using it as a button click event instead of a change event handler yields to the behavior I'm looking for, i.e. the new item appears in the CB textInput field and when clicking the button gets added to the data provider while not disappearing from the textInput. Is there a way to accomplish this same behavior in the change event handler?


      thank you!