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    Dropping by to say hi...

    richiebee0448654 Level 1

      After a fairly long hiatus to pursue musical aspirations, I'm returning at least part time to Fireworks (and the whole CS5 Creative Suite). Some of you may remember me as richiebee from the Macromedia days. I know I recognize some names on here.  Apparently now I'm richiebee0448654. Just wanted to say hi, and that when I'm back up to speed on Fireworks, hope to be able to contribute something to this community. 


      When I say at least part time, I do intend to keep my musical side very active.  But I've been a part of 11 commercial CD projects in the last four years, and I'm ready for a rest from it. I've given up gigging, and want to spread my time over several interests instead of intensely concentrating on one. 


      richiebee.ca is long gone, but richiebee.org has started...   I'll be putting some Fireworks resources up there very soon.