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    Mocha shape data in Flash


      Is it somehow possible to get my mocha shapa data imported into Flash and use it on a container ?  I did some tracking and used the tracking data to make an Image appear on my background video footage (just like in this video ) and it works perfectly. In my video, a guy is holding an id card with a picture on it. I replaced the picture by tracking and replacing the photo with a new picture etc but in one scene, a finger comes across the screen and it should get in front of the new picture on the card but it obviously gets beneath it. Is it somehow possible to use the shape data to cut out the part of the new image where the finger is in front so that the finger can be seen in the foreground? I hope you guys get what i mean, if not please take a short look at this video  Tracking - Dealing with Foreground Obstructions - Part 2 - Final Cut  .


      I would appreciate any help

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          Shape data can be imported via the mocha shape plug-in in AE CS5. How you get it from AE to Flash is another matter. Once the masks have been created, the most feasible option is probably to render out the mattes as PNGs, as there is no way to access mask data in a human-readable manner (and thus usable for programming). You might, however, do that with a script and dump coordinates of the vertices to a text/ XML file which you read in Flash.