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    How do I update Flash Player 10 onto a Student Licensing version of AS4 Flash?


      I am doing tutorials on lynda.com. My lesson at present is Using the 3D Translation Tool & 3D Rotation Tool. When I follow along exactly as stated with the exercise files; clik the movie clip on the stage, then clik on the 3D Translation or Rotation Tool I get the following prompt that comes up,
      "3D Transformation is not supported by Flash Player 9. To use this feature, you must target Flash Player 10."

      a) When I clik OK nothing changes,

      b) When I clik Publish Settings another prompt comes up. I can see there is a Flash tab, when I clik this I see that there is an option to choose different versions of Flash Player but 9 is only the highest version available. How can I update my CS4 Student Licensing Edition to be able to use Flash Player 10?

      * F.Y.I. - I read to go to the HTML tab and check off Detect Flash Version but there isn't an option to detect anything other than 9 and the various versions of it. Is this because I have the Student Licensed version of CS4 Design Premium?

      I have Flash Player 10,0,45,2 installed on my Mac and it I see the moving icon on the