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    Make grid - with rounded corners

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      I use the make grid script every day for regular catalogue work, and I've found it to be a huge timesaver. The catalogue we work on is presently undergoing a redesign and the grid will be made up of round cornered boxes from now on.


      My question is - is it possible to modify the make grid script to incorporate rounded corners on the finished boxes, plus have the ability to define the radius of the corners when it is run?



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          That shouldn't be too hard, but while waiting for someone to adjust the script, you can select all objects and apply Rounded Corners manually.

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            Thanks for the suggestion. I've found that the 'Corner Effects' script lets me do a page full of boxes in one go so that's working for now. We run the MakeGrid script then select all the boxes and run the CornerEffects script.


            What we'd like is to have the ability to run it all as one script, where we could select both the grid options and corner option at the same time.


            We'd always be rounding all the corners so wouldn't need that part of the CornerEffects script, and it would always be the 'rounded corners' option. All we'd need to be able to enter is the radius of the corner each time along with the number or rows/columns and gutter sizes from the MakeGrid script.

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              It turns out the script works just fine as is. We've found that if we start off with a box that has the correct rounded corners, then the MakeGrid script can be run and the same rounded corners are kept for all the generated boxes. As long as the 'retain formatting' box is checked.


              A modified script could still be useful, but for the purposes of this particular job the above method works nicely.