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    What is going on with DataGridEventReason.OTHER event reason?

    Ibarim Level 1



      so I got DataGrid with ItemEditor which is a ComboBox. On 'itemEditEnd' event I do the following:


      - preventDefault();

      - update DataGrid's dataProvider,

      - destroyItemEditor

      - I even validate DataGrid


      Everything works fine when the 'reason' of 'itemEditEnd' event is row change or column change. But when it comes to 'OTHER' reason the effect is that I can still see previous value on the dataGrid's cell. I still see previous value untill I click on any row in the DataGrid - then the cell updates.

      I checked variables in debug mode and it seems everything is ok: dataProvider of DataGrid is updated, DataGrid's selectedItem value is the new value choosen in the ItemEditor.

      I don't know what is going on. Help please:)