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    Fullscreen question


      Hi All,

      I want to do a simple task; to have the swf play in fullscreen automatically.

      So, the simple code to do this is just ( and it worked wonderfully few years back with Flash Player 7, Flash MX):



      //sets fullsceen mode

      fscommand("allowscale", true);

      fscommand("showmenu", false);

      fscommand("fullscreen", true);




      But now with Flash CS3, using the same code doesn't give the same result. I do get to fullscreen, but the stage is blank. I have to manually restore and then re-maximize the player window, then only I get the content to appear and in fullscreen. I even put a button for the user to click in order to maximize it, but to no avail. I still did get a blank stage.


      Am I missing some vital info here regarding CS3? I can't afford to use 3rd party software (FlashJester etc).


      Thank you in advance