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    C/\misc\cpybytes.txt file isse and FLV bad management


      hi all.

      i''ve recently updated my director to v11.5 (mac version, running under osx 10.5.8).
      and i won the "C/\misc\cpybytes.txt file issue" someone already wrote about, more than one year ago (see here).


      did anyone find a workaround, in the meanwhile?


      trying to find a solution, i also updated the few third-party xtras i own (inpressario, buddy api, printomatic). but no way.


      what i noticed is that file is created when you import a flv file into the cast. by the way, the flv management under director 11.5 is a pain (so to speak, THAT was the reason i spent more than 300 euros to upgrade...). it takes minutes to load a 20 MB file, minutes to save the DIR file. and it crashes directly if i try to import a bigger file (greater than 50 MB).