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    HierarchicalCollectionView and Repeater in Flex 4?

    EricJ32 Level 1



      I've been struggling to get a Repeater binding to a HierarchicalCollectionView in Flex 4.



           <mx:HierarchicalCollectionView id="hcProducts"
                                             source="{groupedProducts}" />
              <mx:GroupingCollection2 id="groupedProducts"
                          <mx:GroupingField name="section" />
                          <mx:GroupingField name="group"  />
                          <mx:GroupingField name="category"  />


      <mx:VBox width="100%"> <!-- because repeaters must be inside a Halo component -->

      <mx:Repeater id="rpt" dataProvider="{hcProducts}">

           <mx:Label text="{rpt.currentItem.GroupLabel}" />




      This doesn't work. The repeater has no children. However, if I change from using a GroupingCollection2 to the deprecated GroupingCollection, it works fine.


      Is this a bug?