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    html file embeds swf from another server

      I am having a big problem. I have two servers Server A (does not have Php) and server B (with Php). Server B hosts the swf and the php files it calls for. Server A only hosts the HTML file that embeds the swf. The HTML has all the allowscriptaccess='always'. When testing Server B all works well with the swf. When testing Server A the swf works but not completely - the php files are not read and the variables are not passed to the swf. What else could be the problem?
      If I cant get this to work by hosting the swf and php files on Server B, then all files will have to be hosted on server A and I will have to rewrite all the Php files in JSP = not fun.

      Pllllleeeeaaaassssseeee HELP!!

      Thank You for any info