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    Multi-Find Replace - Editing Files Using the Edit Button

    srmsrm Level 1

      In RH7, I use tags such as ZZZ in the topics so I can easily search, find, and edit items. To find those items, I use the Multi-Find Replace functionality.  However, whenever I select a file and click on Edit in the Multi-Find Replace, it either brings up FrontPage, Word, etc. or something that the HTM file is associated with.  I changed the association so it will open in RH, however, however, RH doesn't open HTML-files outside of a project. Even though I have the project open, clicking Edit does not open the file in my opened RH project


      I can only edit a file by opening the file in the RH project, not through Multi-Find Replace.


      Is this by design? Has it changed in RH8?