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      Hello. I work in Clear Lake Iowa and do creative media for a software company. I'm making a promo video in AE, and I'm just learning AE. I wanted to learn how to make 3D text with no plug-ins first so I followed some on-line tutorial  and created the text in a project. The problem is, I have no idea about how duplicate the final result so I can keep adding more text than just the one word that I created during the tutorial.  When I  duplicate the comp and change the text, the original word changes, so I cant add multiple words with the same 3D effect.  I attached a screen shot of my project and if any of you have time maybe you could tell me how I can duplicate multiple text layers so I can use the same settings on multiple words. All I want to do is make mutiple words with the same 3D text style! I'm about to start drinking at work!!  Thanks so much!!!!  Rob




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