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    CSXSInterface and embedded JSX



      I know, from the Zak Nelson cookbook, how to embed and then call a jsx:


      [ Embed (source= "myScript.jsx" , mimeType= "application/octet-stream" )]
      private static var myScriptClass:Class;

      var jsxInterface:HostObject = HostObject.getRoot(HostObject.extensions[0]);
      jsxInterface.eval( new myScriptClass().toString());


      I've used this method in a Photoshop CS5 extension, that I have to port to CS4 - so I need to use the old way:


      CSXSInterface.instance.evalScript("myFunction", "myParameter");


      which work for functions inside a jsx exactly named as the swf panel. (see the Photoshop panel developer's guide)


      I'd rather like to embed several JSX:


      [ Embed (source= "myScript.jsx" , mimeType= "application/octet-stream" )]
      private static var myScriptClass:Class;

      Embed (source= "myScript2.jsx" , mimeType= "application/octet-stream" )]
      private static var myScriptClass2:Class;


      and then call functions in them via CSXSInterface.


      I've tried something like:

      myScriptClass.CSXSInterface.instance.evalScript("myFunction", "myParameter");

      without any luck.


      What's the correct syntax for such call? (if there's one...)

      Thanks in advance,