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    Air 1 or Air 2?


      Based on the online OSMF API documentation, it seems that the current version of OSMF is based on Air 1. I therefore assume that one cannot access features that are exclusive to Air 2 until a new version of OSMF is released.


      Is that correct, or is it simply that the online documentation needs to be updated?

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          rshin Level 3

          It is depending on the features you are looking for.  OSMF and the sample applications provided in repository are currently based on FB3 (Flex SDK 3.x), which means it would be an air version that shipped with Flex 3.x. (I think air 1.5), but it is depending on Flex SDK/Air SDK in your IDE set up when you import the projects from OSMF source.  (We are moving towards FB4 / Flex SDK 4.1).


          I am not aware of any air specific features that are only available in Air platforum not in Flex/Flash player yet in OSMF, but some features such as Multicast, some advance DRM features that are included air 2.0 are implemented and supported in OSMF.


          Is there any specific features you are seeking within OSMF, please let us know by filing here. https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FM



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            ether_2 Level 1

            Thanks Ryan.


            I didn't see a field for OSMF in the bug issue management system. Should I file as a feature request under Flash / Flex?


            The feature I was hoping for is the ability to use UDP to send and receive data in a Flash client.

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              rshin Level 3

              The request should be filed under "Strobe" (FM).  It would help to push the request if you can describe your use case in detail as you can:


              Is UDP case only available in Air SDK, not in Flex?  Is there any specific case to use UDP to data commnunication?