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    Moving Icon in Geospatial PDF link to Flash Movie


      Hello All,


      I am looking for some advice on how to move an icon of a helicopter on a geospatial pdf in sync with a flash movie.


      Here is what i have:


      1) a flash movie (taken from a helicopter with a video camera) file with a corresponding XML file that contains corresponding timestamps and lat and log coordinates onces per second.


      2) A Geospatial PDF that covers that area the was recorded in the movie.  In the PDF it contains a point layer that has the same time code and lat long coordinates as the flash video.


      What I would like to do:


      I would like to click anywhere on the point layer in the PDF and have the flash video cue and start to play from that point. and show a helicopter icon moving on the PDF sync'ed to the video.


      I am new to javascript and actionscript and would appreciate someone telling me if this is possible and provide some assiatnce on where to start with the coding.


      Thanks in advance