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    Issues with imported Photoshop Graphics to Premier Pro CS5

    LouiseMiller31 Level 1

      I've tried searching for an answer for this and am unable to find any information. I am a newbie to Premier but have completed the Premier Pro Essential Training tutorial at Lynda.com. Has anyone had issues with the graphics they imported from Photoshop to a Premier Pro sequence? I created a NEW DOCUMENT in PHOTOSHOP CS5 using the preset for FILM and VIDEO. Sized to 720 x 480 72ppi RGB (The size of my video in Premier Pro Cs5) It is a simple layover graphic for the bottom 1/3rd of the screen showing a logo and the persons name that is speaking. I've tried importing it into Premier as both a merged document and as individual layers. I have also re-created the image in Illustrator and imported that. Each time, after import certain parts of my image come out very bitmapped, jagged or as if parts of the text are missing. I have also tried rasterizing the text but still looks terrible. The confusing part is that I am using the same font (Times New Roman) for the Logo text and the Name text, yet only the logo text looks bad. I can't use another font because Trajan Pro and Times New Roman are the font they use for all media and ads. It's not just the preview either once I export the video (h264) the imported graphics STILL look bad (only the text though and not the rest of the image) I've also tried changing the pixel aspect ratio but that just squishes the image. I have had this same issue with another graphic where the text looks fine but the logo seal looks bad. I'm so confused...have been searching for an answer for 3 days. HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM? IF SO PLEASE HELP,


      These are screenshots from My premier pro workspace.