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    Very simple error ... why is this happening?

      I have just a very simple for loop.. I try to set something to a string and in the debug window it says :

      1120: Access of undefined property SMITH. graph.mxml graph line 25 July 25, 2007 2:27:42 PM 62

      This makes absolutely no sense ... Smith is there, it's public why can't the function access it!!!!

      public var SMITH:Array = [
      {date:"22-Aug-05", close:45.87},
      {date:"23-Aug-05", close:45.74},
      {date:"24-Aug-05", close:45.77},
      {date:"25-Aug-05", close:46.06},
      public var DECKER:Array = [
      {date:"22-Aug-05", close:45.59},
      {date:"23-Aug-05", close:45.3},
      {date:"24-Aug-05", close:46.71},
      {date:"25-Aug-05", close:46.88},

      graph:function hello():void
      for(var k:Number=0; k<450; k++)