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    Dynamic Image Buttons

    shevi2027 Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      Please look at this link http://www.juliuswebdesign.com/dynamic_gallery/autore/dynamic_gallery.htm


      I want to learn how to do something like that. The site doesn't provide a step by step tutorial.


      Let me try to explain what I want to do


      1. I have a 500px width work area

      2. I want to add some image avatars (size 75*75)

      3. I also want the dynamic text area (width 100)


      So the area that the user can see I'd have like 4 images and one text area. But I have more that 4 images. I don't know how many I'd have. Like in the above tutorial I'd have to add the arrows or a horizontal scroll bar


      In these cases, when you use an xml file. if you need to add new images, you just add them in the xml file and no need to modify the layout?


      Does anyone have any good tutorials for that? Even separate tutorials? Can the "Loader" component do what I want to do??


      Any help appreciated.


      Thank you..