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    I cannot install adobe flash on my 2 computers, xp 32 or seven 64 on IE??


      I am fairly sure I had Adobe Flash on both of my computers. One is a desk top with Windows XP and the other is a laptop with Windows 7 one has 32 bit and the second one has 64 and they both use internet explorer. Recently I have gone to several web sites that say I do not currently have Adobe Flash and I need to download the current software.

                      I have tried this many times on both computers and I will either get an error: installation error or it says it was successful downloading adobe flash.

                      Unfortunately when I try to go to the same websites it says I do not have adobe flash. When I search for it on my computers I cannot find it. Although when I go to my “add or remove” function adobe flash and the downloader are both listed as a program that I have a choice to remove.

                      I have been able to download flash when I tried in with fire fox, but we only use internet explore. When I have successfully downloaded the adobe flash with the fire fox, it will not work with my internet explore purposes.

                      I would appreciate it very much if you could please help resolve this problem with this issue and respond to my e-mail address listed below.

                                      Thank you very much,