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    Text created in FC disappearing? What the Hell?


      I was creating a site in FC. I needed to add an address line and a few words to a page that existed in a project, easy, right?

      I typed in the text, hit save and all the text disappeared.

      Tried this several times using save, save as, save as copy. All gone on that page. Copied the text, created new text object, pasted the text in  - gone.

      Switched to pointed and found squished text box in corner, expanded it, nothing in it, repasted, save gone.

      Restarted, shut down, checked fonts existed (font change has no effect), checked for updates, waited a day, tried creating new project.

      Worked fine until Thursday night, created a 15 page site earlier in the month.

      System 7 (64) current, dual core, 4 gig ram, multiple drives. Using complete cs5 master suite. FC version