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    Kuler .ase file does not match in Illustrator



      I generated a color palette in Kuler online, saved the .ase file to my Mac, imported it into Illustrator, and applied it to a client's logo project. I noticed the green was not as bright so I double checked the RGB settings for the palette in MyKuler against the RGB settings in Illustrator and was shocked to see every color was different. (Shocked because I have already provided the .ase file to the client so that other vendors could use it.)


      Can someone explain why this is? Here are the discrepancies:


      Green:       MyKuler-- R=132 G=191 B=4        Illustrator CS4-- R=146 G=169 B=40


      Orange:     MyKuler-- R=242 G=116 B=5      Illustrator CS4-- R=234 G=137 B=32


      Yellow:      MyKuler-- R=242 G=206 B=35      Illustrator CS4-- R=243 G=202 B=60


      Red:          MyKuler-- R=255 G=0 B=0           Illustrator CS4-- R=237 G=28 B=36


      Blue:         MyKuler-- R=29 G=176 B=188      Illustrator CS4-- R=0 G=136 B=184


      Love Kuler, but not if the .ase files are all random! Help!



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          Depending on our output intent we can or can't get all these colors in the wheel for our projects.

          Adobe has integrated ICC standards that were put into place for all different output intents.(ie; web, print digital print, monitors home printers etc.)

          For example I import a swatch into illustrator and I make it RGB. Well if thr rgb is set up for laser printing, it will change the output so you won't get mud when it comes out on paper. I do offset printing, so if I import a CMYK swatch, almost half the colors on the wheel are "out of gamut" and need to change and if I am set up correctly they will look much duller or totally different!!! as they are being printed by a pigment process not light, If you have your ICC profiles set correctly and your logo was going on a website it would be very close to the color you saw on wheel but if you are using the color matching system in adobe graphic software, and you want your logo to look the same no matter where it is, then you have to compromise, If it's printed in cmyk then you need to dull it out on the web too for logos to match across all company web and print. The ICC system makes it possible to get consistent branding in company colors, also the dull color in illustrator shows you how it will actually look if your monitor also is calibrated and preview is set to an ICC profile that matches your intended use.Color will change numbers to a executable color wherever it is used only IF set up to do so on importing.  Adobe has a chapter in all their books on color management, in the new Indesign you can import the ICC profile for logo and a different intent for photos so you don't sacrifice brightness of photo for consistency in rgb for logo. You can set setting also for perceptual(seeing colors in relation to each other). satuation(seeing them as bright as they can be or absolute, just using numbers, not having them change to be consistent.(or relative to each other)  All printers have calibration profiles and if you know how to use them you can match any output. Professional designers need to know about color management, or surprises will happen and it won't be the printers fault.

          Hope I have helped, it gets even more complicated with monitors, That is why Mac artist have a PC or virtual PC as monitors vary and even websites can look very different. I have a spyder calibration system to keep on top of color consistency(and a CRT still)

          It's hard to explain here see   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICC_profile     or adobe site for more info. on ICC color management.

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            dvanetc Level 1

            Thanks very much for your in-depth reply BethIMA. Yes, I am familiar with the monitor variables and calibration, and I must admit the whole color profiles world has me baffled more often than not. I was just surprised that the .ase file when opened in Illustrator would have such different RGB settings than the RGB numbers I thought had been locked into the ase format when I saved the file out of the Kuler site. Guess color is just a moving target.


            Thanks for your help!