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    Export/Import Text from Excel to InDesign using XML


      Hi there! I just want to ask if this is possible in InDesign. Is it possible to create all XML flags/tags needed which would allow me to export/import all the text in one action (ideally thru Excel).

      Appreciate your help on this. Thanks!

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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5


          You can export data from Excel as XML file, then transform it (e.g. change the order of XML elements) either manually, for example in Notepad, or automatically on importing the XML file into an InDesign document by applying an XSLT.

          If the data in Excel file changes, you can repeat the process again -- the formatting of text in InDesign document will not change after you update the data (only contents will change). You can also export XML files from other applications: all date base applications such as Access (PC) or FileMaker Pro (Mac), Word, etc.

          I haven't tried to export XML file from InDesign and then import it into Excel, but I am sure this is possible as well.


          If you are interested, check out this book and this tutorial for detailed information.