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    Elements 8 problems


      Just had a new computer built strickly for video editing...my normal desktop couldnt run Elements properly. The issue the files I put into the timeline cannot be watched the video will freeze and will only play audio, same happens If I double click the file and watch in the popup window. Because of this it makes it impossible to use this program, I tried to talk them out of upgrading my Elements 7 to 8 because I have always had these issues. At home I have Sony Vegas Studio 10 and never have an issue besides the fact that it does more stuff and is easier to use the Elements.


      Honestly I am very upset with every ADOBE product I have touched, hours/days  reasearching a problem. Hopefully I can get this solved.


      Windows Experience is a 5.9( hard Disk is 5.9)  everywhere else is 7.5 the computer is a week old.

      4 GB RAM

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz

      Windows 7 64Bit

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 1G

      550G hard drive

      Elements 8 fully up-to-date


      Does anybody have any insight to this, I really do not want to purchase another brand of product? I really want to be an ADOBE customer...please help

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you give us the full details of these AV files? More details are better.


          Next, can you tell us what Project Preset you have chosen, when you did New Project?


          Last, if you only have a single physical HDD, you might want to consider adding at least one more, and two more HDD's would be even better.


          Good luck,



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            SnakeBite1 Level 1

            I am using .MTS files from a CANON HF10 camcorder


            NTSC-AVCHD-HD-1080i-30 Project settings Also tried HDV-1080i-30


            I have one 10,000 rpm harddrive doubt they will upgrade it.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The Canon records in AVCHD, so that would be the correct Project Preset to choose. Do not know if it also does DD 5.1 SS, but if it does, you will want to make that choice too.


              Your i7 should be adequate to handle the AVCHD footage, though an i7 980x would probably be the ultimate CPU for that type of footage.


              As for the HDD's, it would not be a replacement, but supplemental to that existing one. For handling the media and the Projects, a SATA 7200RPM unit, or two, would be just fine, and you could use the 10K unit for your OS and programs. What the multiple physical (not partitions) HDD's do for you is spread the I/O load over several disks. With only one, you have the OS, the programs, the Project and the media fighting for reads/writes.


              Good luck,



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                SnakeBite1 Level 1

                Bill I thank you for the answers,


                Here is the concern  I have with what you are suggesting:


                The computer I am using is only for video editing there are no other programs running or installed except  Elements and the OS.  Adding a hard drive or 2 will put the cost of the machine way over budget.  On the ADOBE.com website they have the minimum requirements listed, I have 4 times what it shows. Actually I have a pretty incredible machine and this isnt my firs BBQ with ADOBE issues. CAPTIVATE 7 was a nightmare 8 seems much better so far.  This being said in my eyes ADOBE is false advertising the requirements and cababilities of this product and that upsets me but I understand that there are variables. After all I am the lead for technical support for an automotive electronics manufacturer and I understand "minimum requirements"



                My home machine is not quite as robust as my work machine, like I stated before I have Sony Vegas 10 pro movie studios. Using the same files with one hard-drive I get zero  issues unlike with ELEMENTs. Plus Sony Vegas can create much better end product then I ever could with elements in half the time.



                So this brings me to a decision which I think you have already help me make,


                DO I spend $300 to purchase 2 more hard-drives, and then invest the time to install and set-up?


                DO I spend $100 and buy the Sony Product that I know for a fact will work flawless?


                What do you think Bill?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I have never used any of the Sony products, so cannot address that question. Many do like Sony Vegas (aren't there several "levels?").


                  The multiple HDD I/O will benefit video editing with any software.


                  I am not saying that it is the "cure" to your issues, and would think that with the proper Project Preset, you should not have issues. My recommendation is to enhance the total video editing experience. Many get by with a single HDD, and a 10K unit will be better than a single 7200 RPM unit, depending on the controller type, but with a newer machine, I would assume that it's SATA II. Is that correct?


                  That single HDD is likely the reason for the lower score on the I/O rating.


                  Also, with Win7-64, that 4GB of RAM is about the minimum to run the OS. I am surprised that the scores there are as high, as they are.


                  Now, when you Import your MTS files into an AVCHD Project, do you get a red line above your Clips on the Timeline?


                  If so, when you hit Enter, to Render the Timeline, do you get green lines, and better playback?


                  Also, do you have Background Rendering turned ON? If so, I would turn that OFF, for better performance. If you do need to Render, after say adding an overlay Title, or Effect, you can do that manually, and even limit it to just one section of the Timeline, with the WAB (Work Area Bar).


                  Good luck,



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                    SnakeBite1 Level 1

                    The Single HDD is th only thing that is low on the rating 5.9 correct ....everything else is a 7.5


                    Yes is has a redline above the file when it is imported to the timeline, I hit enter to let it render so I will answer when it is complete


                    As far as the background rendering being on I am not sure, I didnt turn it on I will check after it renders. I did notice in the bottom right hand corner of the the window it shows that is is confoming the .MTS files. I assume this is the background rendering and may explain the issues I am having.


                    Know I am getting happy becasue I have a few things to try, I will update ASAP


                    Thanks Bill you have given me hope.

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                      SnakeBite1 Level 1



                      Background rendering was off, the playback was a little better when I rendered in the timeline. Going to play around and figure out what else I can do to make it even better.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                        I did notice in the bottom right hand corner of the the window it shows that is is confoming the .MTS files. I assume this is the background rendering and may explain the issues I am having.

                        Actually, Conforming is a two-step process. First, PrE will convert (Conform and create CFA files) your 48KHz 16-bit Audio to 32-bit, floating-point for extremely accurate editing, and then will generate the PEK files, for Waveform Display. When you Import files, just sit back and relax, allowing this necessary step to complete. I recommend that one just Import, go get a cup of coffee, and when they return, the progress bar will be gone. I do not recommend that a user do anything else with the machine, while this is being done, and ESPECIALLY with those Assets. The time to Conform should not be THAT long on your computer, though the Duration of the Clips will dictate that. Just be patient. Also, the DD AC3 Audio files will take a bit longer, than say a PCM/WAV file, but not THAT long.


                        Now, I do not work with AVCHD material, so might be wrong on this, but I believe that with the proper Project Preset, those files should come in with no red line on them. Steve, Neale, ATR, or others, will step up and correct me, if I am wrong on this. We'll just to be patient here too, to see if I am correct, or if AVCHD always needs to be Rendered.


                        Good luck,



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                          SnakeBite1 Level 1

                          Thanks for all you Help, I will wait paitient to see if the other chime in. I am going to poke around and try a few mor

                          e things to see what happens. I never noticed the Red/green line till now so at least I have learned a few new things.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            You know, video editing is a constant "learning process." Heck, I am waiting to learn about AVCHD and the red lines!


                            Good luck, and someone, who does work in AVCHD will stop by soon. Many are in different time zones, so one never knows just when someone will show up with all the correct answers.



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                              SnakeBite1 Level 1

                              I have been playing with this all morning, still no success. Looks like I will be

                              purchasing Vegas Studio next wek

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Good luck.


                                Many do give high marks to the Sony NLE programs. Explore the versions available, as I think that some offer more features, than others do.



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                                  SnakeBite1 Level 1

                                  Just the meer fact that no employees of ADOBE have  commented on this post tells me a few things.


                                  1. My issue is a common one that they do not want to admit or explain can prove that with other post on several forums including this one
                                  2. ADOBE doesn't care about the end user. Although this is my perception
                                  3. If the answer is adding 2 more HHDs like Bill suggested, then ADOBE's advertised  minimum computer  specifications is incorrect and needs to be changes.


                                  My solution


                                  I will give to the end of today 9-22-2010 for ADOBE to make contact with myself to correct this issue. If I do not here from a ADOBE representative today I will be switching all my ADOBE products for a more customer oriented solution.  At least I am giving ADOBE the chance to redeem themselves.

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                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                    But have you contacted Adobe?


                                    Their people don't necessarily monitor these forums. And when they do, it's to address issues on the current version of the software.


                                    You can contact them by clicking on the Contact button at the top of this web page.

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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      If you feel that you have uncovered a Bug, this ARTICLE will tell you how to file a report.


                                      Good luck,



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                                        SnakeBite1 Level 1

                                        The contact button doesnt do anything usefull, I submitted a bug report. ADOBE not having representitives on this forum is foolish. I work in tech support and we have a forum which is a priority to monitor. I thank you for your suggestions!

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                                          SnakeBite1 Level 1

                                          Slight update,  I added a eSata Drive pointed all my output and  Cache files to it. Issue was resolved 5% still unuseable.

                                          Looking for other options at the moment. Thru research it seems that this is a common issue with this product. Its funny that this is a no profesional consumer marketed program but you need a professional workstation to run it. Also I have had no response for the bug request I submitted over a week ago. 


                                          I really hope my company will give-in and purchase the vegas studio suite so all this can be over. Over 2 weeks behind on this project,  if one of my customers experienced this they would be asking for compensation for time and resources lost.

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                                            nealeh Level 5

                                            You should not expect a personal response from Adobe. As it says at the top of their bug reporting page:

                                            We normally do not send personal replies to feature requests or bug reports. We do, however, read each and every message. We use the information to improve our products and services. Your comments, suggestions, and ideas for improvements are very important to us. We appreciate you taking the time to send us this information.


                                            Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children

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                                              SnakeBite1 Level 1

                                              WOW so the bug report is only to help them and not the consumer. I guess that makes sense

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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                WOW so the bug report is only to help them and not the consumer. I guess that makes sense

                                                No, the Bug Report and Feature Request are to help Adobe help all users. There is just no guarantee that there will be direct feedback to the person submitting the Report/Request. Those "improvements/fixes" just might show up in a point release, later on. That is why we strongly suggest providing all important info, so that the folk in the Adobe lab can reproduce and investigate the issue. Might be a simple fix, or a more involved one. I do know that Adobe takes those very seriously, and works very hard to fix everything possible.


                                                Good luck,