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    Configure PHP Service


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      I tried to configure PHP to access a mySQL DB. After installing the Zend Framework (on a QNAP 659 device) I had to update php.ini to find the path. Now I get one step further, but the message above message appears.


      I am using FlashBuilder 4 and used the wizard "Connect to Data/Service...".


      The php looks like:


      class EmployeeService {
          public function getEmployees() {
              $connection = mysqli_connect ("localhost", "root", "root", "test", 8888) or die(mysqli_connect_error());
              $sql = "SELECT * FROM employees";
              $result = mysqli_query ($connection, $sql) or die('Query failed: ' . mysqli_error($connection));
              $rows = array();
              while ($row = mysqli_fetch_object ($result)) {
                  $rows[] = $row;
              return $rows;


      The SQL-DB is accessable via phpMyAdmin. All seems to look fine.


      Can someone give me a hint where to search?


      Thanks Wolfram