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    audioSampleAccess - capture audio from RTMFP subscribed stream

    tomfoo Level 1

      I'd like to capture the audio data from an RTMFP stream to which the client is subscribed (so I get a bytearray of audio samples).

      The presence of the audioSampleAccess propery on the NetStream class certainly makes that sounds possibe:


      For RTMFP connections, specifies whether peer-to-peer subscribers on this NetStream are allowed to capture the audio stream. When FALSE, subscriber attempts to capture the audio stream show permission errors.


      But I dont see how I would do it. In the case of video, I see I could use BitmapData.draw(), and discucced here:http://forums.adobe.com/message/1066374#1066374

      But in the case of audio, I dont know how to address the audio data to get it into a bytearray.


      Any ideas?


      My instinct said this wasnt possible, but the presence of the 'audioSampleAccess' property makes me think it might be..