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    How to Play Movies Sequentially


      I want to create about ten twenty second movies and then have them play sequentially. 


      The movies are only slightly different from each other.  I don't want to make a movie that is two minutes long though.  I want the movies to play in a different order on each page.


      There has got to be a million ways of doing that, but what is the easiest way.


      You can watch one of my ten second clips here:



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          Rothrock Level 5

          The FLVplayback component can have several different video players "inside it." Look up the activeVideoPlayerIndex and visibleVideoPlayerIndex properties and how to work with those in the help files.


          I'm not sure how many you can cram in there, but I know we have used up to nine.


          Then you can listen for the complete events and then play the next bit.