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    Errror 1602


      Although this was mentioned previously, there didn't seem to be a solution reached. I receive a message that an update is available. I click on it and when I click on the download, I get a message stating that "there was an error and Adobe will try later. MESSAGE 1602". I called the Adobe Tech Support and they suggested I go to the Knowledge Base and look for the message. I did this and there was only help for either Windows XP or Vista. I have Windows 7. Anybody out there can help me with this problem? Thanks, Bobby

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          FrancoDominic Level 1

          I guess you'll have to manually search for the ARM folder to delete it

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            I had this same problem on Acrobat Standard 9.2 on Windows 7 and found nothing anywhere in this forum with a definitive answer.  Renaming the ARM folder did indeed fix it, however!


            On Win7 you can find it in C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Acrobat\9.2\.


            Thanks for the suggestion.

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              Ronald Segerstrom

              I am using Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit.

              I followed DougR76's path and went to


              I deleted the contents of the ARM folder and then ran Adobe Acrobat "Check for Updates"

              The "Check for Updates" action re-populated the ARM folder with the correct folder and files. I completed the action of installing the updates and restarted my computer when prompted. Everything works well now.