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    OSMF DRM Examples?

    greg•hamer Level 1

      Hi all,


      Are there any examples of OSMF players using Flash Access DRM protected content?


      I do see in the commits that there is a branch with is the project DrmOSMFPlayer, however this DRM related project has never been added to the trunk.  Branch with project DrmOSMFPlayer here:



      I know that DRM support is a feature in OSMF v1.0 (including specification "DRM Phase 2").


      Thank you to the entire OSMF team for you great working getting us to OSMF v1.5 sprint 3!


      Best regards,




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          bringrags Level 4

          I believe that both OSMFPlayer and Strobe Media Playback support Flash Access (DRM) content, i.e. they'll pop up an authentication dialog if necessary.  I don't think we have any public DRM-enabled test assets though, you might have to generate some yourself.

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            rshin Level 3



            The particualr app you are refering to is internal use for testing and did get posted in SVN.

            You might be abled to use "OSMF player" for protected content playback.

            Also, try SMP as they have impleneted for anoymouse and id based protected contents for implementation reference using OSMF DRM APIs.




            Strobe Media Playback page on www.osmf.org/strobe_mediaplayback.html


            Strobe Media Playback Sourceforge Wiki: https://sourceforge.net/adobe/smp/home/




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              greg•hamer Level 1

              Hi Brian and Ryan,




              fyi, I had cross posted my question on the Flash Access forum and a member of their team provided links for public DRM-enabled test assets in the forum post at the following link:



              I have successfully tested the test assets at the link using Strobe Media Playback.


              btw, It might be nice if a DRM example could be added to the OSMF Example Player to highlight OSMF's DRM capabilities.


              Again, thank you both for your assistance and for your great work in bringing OSMF to v1.5.


              Best regards,