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    Flashing text

    Opera Rat
      How do I get a single word to flash in a paragraph? It has to flash as the soundtrack says it. Then it can stop flashing.
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          Opera Rat Level 1
          Or how do I get the word to turn to a blue hyperlink when it is read. Remember it is in a paragraph.
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            Level 7
            If the text is non scrollign with fixed dimentions, as with a bitmap
            picture text, or maybe a text member with prerender bitmap option, you
            could just overlay a rect sprite in the stage with an ink effect like
            lightest assigned the rect, so the rect color only shows in place of
            black lettering. fields that rely on fonts installed on end user system
            will tend to have text positions shift ssytem to system.

            There is a lingo command to change the color of a range of text, I don't
            recall the exact form, something like:

            member("textDisplay").char[100,120].fontColor = somecolor

            It's possible to change the hyperlink list of a text member on the fly,
            though changing the link color is tough.
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              Opera Rat Level 1
              hmmm. I think it may be easiest to have keyframes that move the timeline along the cue points in the soundtrack. I would have a different 2 different sprites that alternate in four frames. One sprite with plain text, the other with a hyperlink. Sometimes it's just easier to not use scripts.